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ABS logistics, Pvt. Ltd.
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Import and export consultancy
  • Import and export consultancy

Import and export consultancy

eLogistics Management provides consultancy services on :- Industry level transformation through the intelligent adoption of information technology.

Specific system development in the application of information and communication technologies to the logistics industry.

Supply chain analysis, restructuring of supply chain relationship and the developing supply chain performance monitoring solutions.

Identification of strategic directions in the logistics industry both at the individual business level and at the whole industry level.

"A wisdom born out of experience", you can take advantage of our expertise. The company is in a unique position to offer you advice and information on varied fields of logistics. You can have all your queries answered regarding export, import, excise, customs benefits, logistics and overall procedures.

Our experts have an excellent record of past performances in the consultancy field. We are pleased to offer you a one stop solution to all your needs related to export, import, excise, customs,etc by giving you access to consolidated knowledge, specialization as well as resources that are available with us.

The company has a USP of providing consultancy in developing the logistics parks, ICDs (Inland Container Depots) & warehouses. Our experts have a vast experience in developing logistics based infrastructure.

We offer you services in these sectors on account of the vast experience and expertise that we have gathered over the years.
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